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We are passionate about information security education, which is reflected in our range of training options. We conduct webinars, provide on-demand training , and our instructors can even bring the class on-site to your organization or event.

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Online Courses

For your information security training needs, Secure Ideas brings a full-featured learning management platform to our training page. Available for free or purchase are recorded versions of several of our longer format classes. Most of our online classes contain 1-2 days of content and include:

  • Video lectures
  • Knowledge check quizzes
  • Practical exercises that are run in a virtual machine lab
  • Printable certificate of completion

For larger groups, we offer onboarding and management features plus discounts, so if this is you, please contact us for more details.


Webcasts are one of our favorite ways to share information about what we do as information security professionals. We conduct and record webcasts on a wide range of information security topics. Our webcasts typically contain 1 or 2 hours of content.

Some of our webcasts are free and the rest are available for purchase. You can browse our latest catalogue of live and recorded webcasts at our webcasts page.

Live Security Training

Do you need the live learning experience that public or tailored training provides? We offer a couple of options for live learning experiences:

We periodically run public classes, so please visit our live training page for up-to-date listings. Our public classes give you the live learning you may need to become a security expert.

For organizations looking for a tailored experience, we are happy to come to your location to conduct private training sessions. We have built training content covering a number of information security topics. We have also developed classes designed for audiences ranging from technical roles, such as developers and penetration testers, to risk and project management groups to general training suitable for all personnel. Please request a quote to discuss your specific needs.

User Awareness Training

Does your team operate with a security mindset? The weakest link in any organization's security is often its personnel.

Our User Awareness Training series consists of seven 5-10 minute instructional videos, each followed by a short quiz. Each training session is monitored from start to finish by our staff, and a comprehensive report is generated based on quiz results and training status. Please contact us if you would like to purchase User Awareness Training for your team.




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