Professionally Evil Container Security

A course covering everything from the basics of containers to a deep dive into attacking and defending Kubernetes.


Class Duration

  • 2 days

Class Synopsis

This course is intended to teach students the very basics of containers and container orchestration followed by a technical deep dive with hands on labs into pentesting and defending a Kubernetes cluster. Students will be guided through labs which start from the external perimeter of Kubernetes cluster and go through leveraging application flaws to pivot into the cluster eventually escaping the containers and compromising the node itself.


The following serves as a tentative agenda for this class. The class is regularly updated to incorporate the latest information on Docker and Kubernetes concepts and attacks.

  • Introduction
  • Docker and Kubernetes basics
  • NIST ATT&CK Framework mapping
  • Hands on attack
  • High level defensive tactics
  • Hands-on defense labs


To follow a long with the labs student must have a computer in which they can run a Virtualbox virtual machine.



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