11 March, 2021

Do you offer regular vulnerability assessments?

Do you offer regular vulnerability assessments?
Larry Franklin
Author: Larry Franklin

Secure Ideas offers a couple of options for both large and small networks. This is performed through a subscription-based product called Scout. Scout is a mix of both automated and manual testing. Scout is based on the current industry standards comprising a 4-step process. The process begins with an asset discovery, a vulnerability scan, a manual assessment based on the vulnerabilities found, and is followed by a report by one of our consultants.

Scout offers several different options;

Network Scout - a service that can be performed on internal or external networks.

  • Internal Network Scout is performed through a dedicated device called a Secure Ideas Attack Machine (SIAM). The SIAM allows the client to connect the device inside their network with little to no interactions required. Once connected to the network the SIAM then reaches out to Secure Ideas via a secure connection. This allows Secure Ideas to remotely connect and perform an assessment of the customer’s network with little impact on the network.

  • External Network Scout is performed in the same manner as an internal assessment but without the use of a SIAM. Secure Ideas performs both automated and manual assessments based on networks that are exposed to the internet.

Web Scout - starts with an automated scan followed by a manual mapping of the web application or API through an intercepting proxy. By performing both an automated and manual assessment of the application, Secure Ideas can easily identify security weaknesses within the application.

The Secure Ideas Scout services offer a monthly or quarterly subscription. This is based on customer-specific requirements or needs. If you would like more information on Secure Ideas’ Scout services visit us at Scout, or Contact Us

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