Foundational Data Protection Training

This course is a one-day introduction to the principles and concepts of data security.


Class Duration

  • 1 day

Class Synopsis

Foundational Data Protection Training (FDPT) is a one-day introduction over the principles and concepts of data security. The intended audience for this instruction are IT management or IT professionals with responsibilities involving data protection, however everyone in IT manages some form of data and is valuable information for their role as well. This course takes from NIST Cybersecurity Framework, NIST Data Privacy Framework, as well as NIST SP 800-171: Protecting Controlled but Unclassified Information, in order to provide a comprehensive foundation of knowledge for data protection. This is a lecture based course designed to provide students with an understanding of data protection and the related standards. When students leave class, they will know how to guide their organization in protecting their data, as well as understand the terminology, topics, and standards as they decide how their organization will protect itself.


Why This Matters

  • Data Issues
    • Breaches
    • War Stories
  • Laws and Regulations
  • Privacy
  • Fundamentals Overview
    • Terminology
    • Data Classification
    • Frameworks
  • Identify
    • Primary business functions
    • Sensitive/Controlled Data
    • Data Owners, Custodians, and Consumers
    • Risk Management and Strategies
    • Assets
  • Protect
    • Identity Management and Access Control
    • Data Security
    • Encryption Primer
    • In process, transmission and storage
    • Least Privilege
    • Data Retention
  • Prevent
    • Attack Surface
    • Secure Configurations
    • Defense in Depth
    • Awareness and Training
  • Detect
    • Information Flows
    • Detection Techniques and Tools
    • Determine Inspection Points
  • Validate
    • Governance
    • Communication Channels
    • Third Party Attestations
    • Data Classification
  • Communicate
    • Enabling
    • Techniques


This class has no prerequisites. It is lecture-based, therefore there are no laptop requirements.



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up to 30 students

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