30 November, 2014

SamuraiWTF 3.0 and into the future!

SamuraiWTF 3.0 and into the future!
Kevin Johnson
Author: Kevin Johnson

SamuraiWTF 3.0 and into the future!

We are really excited to announce that SamuraiWTF 3.0 is now available publicly.  (We did a previous release but found some issues and so that was pulled back.)  This release is available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/samurai/ immediately and we hope you enjoy it.

In this release we have updated the base operating system to Ubuntu 14.04 (hence the major version number change.)  We have also updated a number of tools and improved the target environments to better suit a training environment.

The project team also wants to explain our new release process which is set up to ensure a regular release cycle, instead of the arbitrary and way to long process we have been following.  For the first 5 years of the project, Justin and I have basically built releases when we had time.  And many of those never actually got released publicly except in classes.  Our plan is to fix that.

As of today, we have set up a release schedule and are assigning responsibilities to ensure that it happens.  We will continue the process that ties major releases to Ubuntu LTS versions.  (Like how 3.0 is tied to 14.04, 4.0 will be based on Ubuntu 16.04)  This allows for people to maintain patches and support for the underlying system for up to 5 years.  Major Releases will occur during the quarter release following the major Ubuntu LTS version release.

We will also be doing quarterly .x releases.  This means that 3.1 will be released around January 31st 2015.  3.2 will then follow around April 30th. (The around is based on upload speeds of what ever location I am at.<grin>)

We will also be performing .x.x releases as things need to be updated which require a full release.  For example, if we find things that need to be fixed in 3.0 (which is VERY likely) we would release a 3.0.1 as needed.

To ensure a release cycle, Justin and I will be responsible for the timing.  We will work together to make sure that what needs to be updated is and will have a code freeze about a week before the release.  So if you want something in the release, you must let us know before that time.   (Obviously .x.x releases will typically have a shorter code freeze due to their sudden nature.)

We look forward to working on future releases with the entire community and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them below or email me at kevin@secureideas.com

Kevin Johnson is the CEO of Secure Ideas. If you are in need of a penetration test or other security consulting services you can contact him at kevin@secureideas.com or visit the Secure Ideas – Professionally Evil site for services provided.

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