Do you want to find out how your cloud account measures up to industry best practices?

CloudScout will scan and audit your account against the latest CIS Benchmarks plus several other important configuration items we have learned through experience. Our expert consultants will review the scan results for you to make sure your final report correct, complete, and not full of false positives.

The Secure Ideas Difference

Do you want to make sure your cloud account is secure but are unsure if you are following industry best practices? At Secure Ideas, we make it our business to be experts in the same cloud concepts and technologies that we assess. In fact, over 90% of our infrastructure is running in the cloud.

CloudScout is a cloud configuration scanning service designed to provide you with insight into how well your cloud configurations measure up to industry standards. As with most of our Scout line of services, we take the hybrid approach of combining automation and manual expert analysis to provide you with quality, actionable results.



one-time scan

per AWS account

  • AWS
  • No Software to set up!
  • Uses a Limited Audit Role



each account

per month (billed annually)

  • AWS
  • No Software to set up!
  • Uses a Limited Audit Role

Our Engagement Process

Scout subscriptions are a recurring testing model. During each test, our consultants follow as set of procedures that build upon the previous tests. Our process is as follows:

  1. Scan: Our CloudScout solution scans the configurations of your cloud account using a limited audit role.
  2. Audit: The configurations are then compared against a large range of audit rules, including the CIS Benchmarks plus additional rules we have developed.
  3. Review: The results are reviewed by an expert to make certain they are correct and complete.
  4. Report: The final results are compiled into a report, including a description of each finding and recommended steps to resolve.

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