Assessments based on real world security testing

Regular assessments of your network based on our years of experience attacking systems.

The Secure Ideas Difference

Secure Ideas has been testing security systems since 2010 and supporting our clients' vulnerability management. Through these efforts we have realized that many organizations can use a helping hand. To solve this issue, Secure Ideas offers Network Scout. Network Scout is a subscription-based service to perform asset discovery and vulnerability assessments.

The first step in vulnerability management is build a reliable inventory of the systems and services on your network. Asset Scout does this by running daily host discovery scans across the network so that you can detect any unauthorized devices or changes. This scan is completely automated and provides a computer-readable report in JSON format ideal for feeding into tools or workflows that provide inventory management.

The next step in vulnerability management is to enumerate and classify the vulnerabilities that exist on the network. We cannot fix what we do not know about. Many organizations have a good idea of what is on their network, but few know for sure. Today’s networks are no longer simple static collections of physical machines. We have virtual machines, VPNs, and personal PCs the size of a deck of cards. Employees can deploy new hosts and enable new services quickly and easily, sometimes with authorization and sometimes without. Unfortunately enumerating these systems and their inherent vulnerabilities can be a difficult, time-consuming task for IT personnel.

Network Scout takes vulnerability scanning to the next level by adding a human component. A professional security staff member vets all scan results to remove false positives and false negatives, as well as provide detailed recommendations for remediation. The resulting report has been reduced to a manageable size with actionable results that make sense to the particular organization and industry at hand.

Network Scout simplifies the process of host discovery and vulnerability scanning, and delivers a straightforward report that IT management can use to make risk-based decisions about how to secure the network.

Network Scout Types

Asset Scout Only

Subscription$100*Per Month
  • Internal / External / Both
  • Endpoint Discovery
  • Any Size
Subscribe*Paid annually

Network Scout

Subscription$300*Per Month
  • Includes Asset Scout
  • External Testing
  • Internal Testing
  • Human-Assessed
Subscribe*Paid annually

Our Engagement Process

Scout subscriptions are a recurring testing model. During each test, our consultants follow as set of procedures that build upon the previous tests. Our process is as follows:

  1. Asset Discovery: Our systems scan the network ranges for hosts and end points. This generates a report of target systems. It is also exported to the client for their consumption internally.
  2. Vulnerability Scanning: Our testing and assessment tools will scan the discovered hosts for known vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the configurations. This scanning is based on indsutry standards.
  3. Manual Assessment: Our consultants review the results of the previous two steps to remove false positives and find any issues missed by the scanning. (This is what differentiates Network Scout from the common automated tool sets.)
  4. Reporting: Our consultants create and deliver a report that outlines the findings, what they mean to the client, and recommendations on how to remediate the issues.


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