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First you will need an account

There are two ways this can happen: Option (1) or (2) (If you are unsure which option to choose, contact your supervisor to find out how you will be enrolled)

  • Option 1 You will be enrolled by your Company's Group Manager

  • You should receive a notification from Secure Ideas Training

Training Email Notification

You will want to change your password as soon as possible

  • Go to the training.secureideas.com log in page and select “Lost your password”

Lost your password

  • You should then receive a password reset Email
  • Click the link to training.secureideas.com
  • Select “Click here to reset your password”

Password Reset Required

  • It will open up to your user Dashboard where you will enter and reenter your new secure password and click “Save”

New Password

  • You have now completed setting up your account
  • Skip Option 2 and proceed to Enrolled Training on the next page

Option 2 - You are enrolled by your Group Manager via Reference link

  • You should receive a Reference Link Email from Secure Ideas Training
  • Your Reference Link code will be a randomly generated code that will follow ref_code= (shown in the highlighted area)

Refer Code Highlight

  • Use the entire link to go to training.secureideas.com
  • Fill in the registration information, Use your Email as your Username
  • For the Referral Code, type in the provided reference code from the Reference Link Email (shown in highlighted area after the = sign)
  • Click Register

Login Highlight

  • You have now completed setting up your account

Enrolled Training

  • You are now ready to start your training
  • When logged into you training account
  • Select “My Dashboard” to display the courses you are enrolled in


  • In this case you are enrolled in User Awareness
  • Select “Launch Course” to begin the training
  • Select “Start Course” at the bottom of the page

Launch Course

  • You are now ready to start your training
  • The Introduction page gives you all the course instructions onhow to complete your training

Course Instructions

  • You must “Mark As Complete” before clicking “Next” to get credit for the training section
  • You must “Submit Quiz” before clicking “Next” to get credit for that evaluation
  • Upon Meeting all of the requirements, “Submit Course”

Thank you for enrolling in Secure Ideas Training, we hope you enjoy your training.

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