Professionally Evil Network Testing

A comprehensive live network penetration testing course for beginner and intermediate students.

Class Synopsis

The Professionally Evil Network Test (PENT) class is a hands-on course that teaches attendees a robust methodology for network penetration testing and an introduction to the tools and processes used to test networks. Students will walk through the phases of Reconnaissance, Mapping, Discovery, Exploitation, and Post-Exploitation with demonstrations of various tools and tactics used in each phase. The course is heavily focused on hands-on labs so that attendees have the opportunity to actually use common tools and techniques. By the end of the 2-day training, students will understand the structure of a penetration test and have the experience necessary to begin practicing the demonstrated toolsets.

Duration: 4 days

Features: This training can be conducted live and in person. This training includes practical labs and exercises.

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The following serves as a tenative agenda for this class. The class is regularly updated to incorporate the latest information on network penetration testing.

  • Introduction
  • Preparation
    • Purpose & Authorization
    • Scope
    • Rules of Engagement
  • Reconnaissance
    • Open Source Intelligence Gathering
    • Metadata
    • Recon-ng
  • Mapping
    • Port Scanning
    • Active Directory Enumeration
  • Discovery
    • Vulnerability Scanning
    • Password attacks
    • SNMP Enumeration
    • Man-in-the-middle
    • Web App
  • Exploitation
    • Targeting
    • Metasploit
    • Other Exploit sources
    • Exploit Cautions
    • Bypassing AV
    • Web App attacks
    • PowerShell attacks
  • Post Exploitation
    • Finding data.
    • Pivoting
    • Privilege Escalation
    • Password Attacks
    • Pass-the-hash
    • Kerberos Issues
    • AD Trust Abuses
    • Persistence
  • Social Engineering/User-focused Attacks
    • Phishing
    • Waterhole Attacks
    • Supply Chain Attacks
    • SET

Prerequisites & Equipment

Students are expected to have some prior knowledge of network principles (i.e. be familiar with network troubleshooting, TCP/IP protocols, etc), and some general IT experience. Familiarity with command line interfaces and a basic understanding of security concept is also useful. This is not an advanced security class, however students with little IT experience may struggle to keep up.

To perform lab exercises, this class requires the use of a laptop with:

  1. A minimum of 8 GB RAM
  2. A minimum of 40 GB Free disk space
  3. Oracle VirtualBox installed and running

PENT Pricing

The pricing for this class is available as either per-seat (convenient for events) or at a flat rate for an instructor:

Instructor Flat Rate

Flat rate$14,000*Up to 30 students
  • Best for Corporate Training
  • In person, on-site
  • Lecture & Labs
  • Your venue
Request This*Price does not include travel or cost of additional instructors for larger classes.

Per-Seat Rate

Per student price$1250*Minimum 15 students
  • Best for Events
  • In person, on-site
  • Lecture & Labs
  • Your venue
Request This*Price does not include travel.

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