Professionally Evil Application Security

A comprehensive live web application penetration testing course for beginner and intermediate students.

Class Synopsis

The Professionally Evil Application Security (PEAS) course is designed to teach developers, IT professionals, and penetration testers of all skill levels. This course focuses on the techniques used to assess and exploit applications; including web and mobile applications, APIs, and HTTP-based systems. We combine these techniques with explanations of the risks exposed and defenses required to improve the security of your organization.

The course uses a large number of hands-on exercises to reinforce the techniques and understanding an attendee will gain so that they benefit on the very first day back to work. The course focuses on manual techniques for discovery and exploitation while teaching an industry-standard methodology of reconnaissance, mapping, discovery, and exploitation. This methodology provides a comprehensive standard for assessing applications and APIs.

Duration: 3 days*

Features: This training can be conducted live and in person. This training can be conducted remotely, over a webcast. This training includes practical labs and exercises.

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* may be compressed to 2 days


The following serves as a tentative agenda for this class. The class is regularly updated to incorporate the latest information on modern web application concepts and attacks.

  • Introduction
  • Standards & Guidelines
    • PCI
    • HIPAA
    • OWASP®
    • Other
  • Preparation
    • How the web works
    • Tools used in assessing application
    • Test Lab & Class Targets
    • Testing Methodology Overview
  • Methodology
    • Reconnaissance
    • Mapping
    • Discovery
    • Exploitation
  • Server-Side Vulnerabilities
    • Authentication and Session Management Issues
    • Access Control Flaws
    • Sensitive Data Exposure
    • Injection Flaws
    • Buffer Overflows
    • Fuzzing
    • Testing Web Services
    • XML External Entity (XXE)
  • Client-Side Vulnerabilities
    • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
    • Open Redirects and Forwards
    • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  • Logic Flaws
    • Business Logic Issues
    • Race conditions and TOC/TOU issues
  • Logging and Monitoring
  • Report Writing
  • Capture-the-Flag Exercise

Prerequisites & Equipment

Students attending this class should, at a minimum, have familiarity with the following concepts:

  • How the web works
  • HTML
  • JavaScript

To perform lab exercises, this class requires the use of a laptop with:

  1. A minimum of 8 GB RAM
  2. A minimum of 40 GB Free disk space
  3. Oracle VirtualBox installed and running

note: We also have an AWS Workspaces (VDI) option.

PEAS Pricing

The pricing for this class is available as either per-seat (convenient for events) or at a flat rate for an instructor:

Instructor Flat Rate

Flat rate$10,500*Up to 30 students
  • Corporate rate
  • In person, on-site
  • Lecture & Labs
  • Your venue
Request This*Price does not include travel or cost of additional instructors for larger classes.

Per-Seat rate

Per student price$1000*Minimum 15 students
  • Best for Events
  • In person, on-site
  • Lecture & Labs
  • Your venue
Request This*Price does not include travel.

Compressed Rate

Flat rate$8,500*Up to 30 students
  • Corporate rate
  • Shorter Class, Fewer Labs
  • In person, on-site
  • Lecture & Labs
  • Your Venue
Request This*Price does not include travel.

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