User Awareness Training

User Awareness Training is a series of Instructional Videos developed to help put YOU in a security mindset.

This series of essential information will train all levels of employees and is customizable to help educate companies, both to fill their training needs, and possibly prevent future security breaches.

Each course is made up of five to ten minute training videos followed by a short quiz. These courses are monitored from start to finish by our staff, and a comprehensive report can be generated based on training status and quiz results.

User Awareness Training Videos

  • Everyone is at Risk!

    This video explains how an attacker finds ways to exploit you, and gives you tips on how not to be a victim.
  • Social Engineering

    This video will educate you on the tactics that attackers use to manipulate you as a person. Whether on the phone, over the computer, or in person.
  • Email and Messaging

    Knowing how to identify fictitious Emails and messages are important for you and your company’s security. This video gives you tips and recommendations on how to identify them before you click and open them.
  • Passwords and Browsing

    This video shows the importance of a strong password and breaks down the safe process of browsing online to make exploring the internet safer.
  • You've been Hacked!!!

    This video teaches the many different ways hackers try to gain access to your computer, device or system. It also gives you valuable tips and practices to help circumvent possible malicious attacks.
  • Physical Security and Insider Threats

    Every business has practices to keep you and their information safe. This video explains the process and countermeasures that companies use to protect themselves against attackers of all kind.
  • Data Protection, Destruction, and Handling

    This video teaches you how to properly protect data and gives many informative ways to ensure your Information is well protected.