DerbyCon Wrap Up


Its a wrap!  DerbyCon has ended for the Secure Ideas crew and we are all headed home.  While a few team members are flying out, the rest of us are driving back to Jacksonville, FL.  With 6 hours left on this trip, what better time to talk about DerbyCon.  First, let me say that the conference was awesome this year.  Our team had a great time and are proud to be involved with such a great event.  Many thanks to all of the staff and other personnel that put this great event together.  

Hopefully the lucky recipients of Secure Idea shirts and water bottles are enjoying them. 

There were many great talks provided this year, 3 of which we were involved in.  Here is a brief summary of them:

Kevin Johnson presented with Tom Eston on Social Zombies.   The room was standing room only and unfortunately some people got turned away at the door.  Rule number one at DerbyCon: Get to the cool talks early :).

Tony DeLaGrange and Jason Wood presented on SH5ARK, an HTML 5 DARPA project.  Again, this talk was sold out, standing room only and some people got turned away. Rule number two at DerbyCon: Get to the cool talks early :). 

Tony and Kevin also participated in a panel for the DARPA CFT program. 

In addition to the great talks, a big part of DerbyCon is the people.  We had a great time seeing old friends and making new friends over the past 3 days.  We are already looking forward to being a part of DerbyCon 3.0 next year.